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Track & Trace
Track & Trace
van zelfstandige transport- en
distributiebedrijven in de Benelux

Praktische vervoersoplossingen

We do our utmost to ensure your shipments are delivered accurately and undamaged. Given that we use technical means to move the parcels or pallets, it is important that the packaging is suitable for transport. That means sturdy packaging which is properly closed and filled to prevent it collapsing and shifting.

Here you will find more information on the following:


The shipping rate depends on the shipping unit. We handle general cargo, long parcels and various pallet forms. Thanks to our unit prices, you know exactly where you stand.

The graduated rates apply to the total actual weight of the shipment, unless the calculated volumetric weight is higher.

The volumetric weight is a standard formula that determines density when calculating transport costs. The standard base used for calculating volumetric weight is 300 kg/m3. When calculating transport costs, the highest value always applies in comparing the actual weight of the shipment to the product of its volume in m³ and 300 kg/m³.


General cargo

The rate for general cargo applies to all shipments of several packages to one delivery address. The maximum weight for each package is 30 kg. Anything in excess will require the use of a pallet and the pallet rate subsequently applies.

The maximum number of packages per shipment is 15 items. If you want to send a larger number of packages to one address, you can have them delivered on a pallet. Packages with a length in excess of 200 cm are loaded as long parcels.


Long parcels

Packages measuring between 200 and 600 cm on at least one side are considered long parcels. Examples are bundles, pipes, tubes and ladders.

Because the time required to process long parcels is considerably more, we are forced to charge twice the applicable standard rate for this general cargo.


Pallet shipments

Pallet shipments include all stacked goods on half pallets, euro pallets and/or block pallets. The weight limit and permissible dimensions vary per pallet.

For goods that protrude beyond the pallet’s floor area, we charge a rate based on the load metres (NL) or the number of whole pallet spaces the pallet takes up. We charge double rates for pallets exceeding 800 kg.

Klantgerichte tariefstelling

The rates we charge you are based on your shipping pattern in the Benelux. Each year we will assess this with you and where possible suggest optimizations that could influence pricing. 

We provide specified quotes for any customized work - quickly and professionally.